Music Review: Say Goodbye – The Afters

“Say Goodbye” is the Afters’ latest release.


In this single release, the band sings about how we are given a new identity in Christ. The old is gone and the new is here, the song implies. We need to stop living in the past with our regrets and mistakes and embrace how God has made us born again. The song is theologically accurate with a solid message.

Music Style/Genre:

The music style is pop and the genre is Christian. The tune is catchy, the lyrics simple yet profound.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Music Video:

Book Review: I’ll Be Seeing You – Robin Lee Hatcher


Generations of secrets unfold as a young college student learns the truth about her great-grandmother’s World War II heartbreak and love. For fans of Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury.

Brianna Hastings’s life seems dull and full of disappointment until a handsome young man visits her church. She’s instantly smitten by the charming Greg, who leads an exciting, independent life—the kind of life she longs for. But when a college history assignment forces Brianna to interview her great-grandmother about life during World War II, she can’t believe it when Daisy presses her with questions about Greg’s character. “What sort of man is he? Who is he at his core?”

What could her great-grandmother possibly know about love at first sight?

The questions take both women back to Boise, Idaho, in the early 1940s, when war emphasized how fragile life could be. Daisy and her older sister pine for the same handsome bomber pilot—until one night of terrible judgment reveals their true characters and drives them apart. Trying to protect the people she loves the most, Daisy condemns herself to live a lie.

In the years that follow, as Daisy grapples with the consequences, she receives unexpected grace from a man she’s known her whole life but never looked at twice. Could what she learned about love save Brianna from heartache three generations later?


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Robin Lee Hatcher’s I’ll Be Seeing You is a dual-time book where readers get a glimpse of Brianna Hastings in present day and her great-grandmother, Daisy, in both present day and in the 1940s.

Daisy has much wisdom to empart to her great-granddaughter, and Brianna, in turn offers a chance for Daisy to share her story and have a positive impact on the younger generation. It showed an excellent reminder of how critical it is that our older relatives share their stories before they are no longer with us.

The main themes in this book are grace and forgiveness, and this book is appropriate for older teens and up.

You can’t go wrong with a Robin Lee Hatcher book, and I’ll Be Seeing You is no different.